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Buying property | Croatia | Trogir | Ciovo | Agency Trogir

Buying a property in Croatia

If you decide to buy a property in Croatia important thing is that a property has a "clean title". A ‘clean title’ means the seller has the legal authority to sell the property and there are no pending claims on the property on the land court. 

All properties on our website have been checked out and documents have been verified. Before any sale process we are checking all documentation with our partner law firm once again to be sure that all is still regular and "clean". 

When you find a property which you are interested in, we will arrange a viewing time that suits your schedule. 

If you like a property after viewing and you decide to make a purchase, we will open price negotiation on your instructions with a property owner. 

When all terms are agreed and offered price has been accepted, we will start preparing Property purchase agreement (Buying/Selling Contract) with our law partner company. 

The contract must be signed in the presence of a Croatian notary public and all copies of the contract must be notarized. After signing the contract, purchase price must be paid to the seller according the terms agreed from the contract. 

After payment, seller must sign a document called "Confirmation of the payment". That document must be also notarized. 

When all the conditions are met, documents are submitted to the local land registry department for ownership changing. 

Also, purchase contract must be submitted to the local tax authority. Real estate Tax in Croatia is 4% from the buying price. Deadline for the tax paying is 30 days from the contract signing date. Penalties of 17% interest are accrued if you don't pay within a deadline. 

Our agency commision is 3%. Commision includes all costs (lawyers costs, preparing agreement, public notary...). 

With years of experience in real estate business, we will ensure that your Croatia property investment is a simple and straightforward process without unwanted problems and difficulties.